Watch How to Standardize the Complete Cell Thawing Process

ThawSTAR complete cell thawing system

ThawSTAR® complete cell thawing system

ThawSTAR® transport and automated cell thawing system addresses the last gap in the cell cryopreservation workflow: cell thawing.

Replacing common methods of cell thawing such as swirling frozen vials in communal water baths and warming vials between hands – methods that are not standardized and potentially jeopardize the integrity and safety of the sample – the ThawSTAR system ensures consistent and reproducible thawing. Utilizing patent-pending STAR sensing technology, the ThawSTAR system employs multiple detection mechanisms to determine vial temperature, phase change initiation and thaw completion, eliminating the guesswork and subjectivity of determining the end point. Highly reproducible thermal profiles mirror those obtained from a water bath without the variability or risk of contamination.

With the addition of the ThawSTAR CFT Transporter, cells are maintained at dry ice temperature from the point they are retrieved from frozen storage until they are thawed.

Watch this new cell thawing workflow video

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