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ThawSTAR® Cell Thawing System Reviews

“Our GMP protocols call for thawing of cells every 60 days from a Master Bank. Use of a water bath within a GMP facility is highly discouraged due to contamination concerns. If one is employed, it must be thoroughly emptied ad cleaned after every single use. Incorporation of a ThawSTAR® thawing system into our protocols allows us to streamline our workflow, recognize time savings, and enforce sterile operating conditions.”

MD Anderson Cancer Center – Helen Huls, Dr. Lawrence Coooper Lab Manager, Pediatrics Research

“MedCision [BioCision] is a very innovative company and once we heard about the new cell thawer, we were really eager to try it out for thawing PBMCs from our viral repository. When using a water bath to thaw there is always a risk of contamination, and we were keen to have a more reproducible cell thawing method. The ThawSTAR® solves all of our concerns and we can even use it in the hood which improves our cryopreservation workflow.”

Blood Systems Research Institute (BSRI) – Dr. Mars Stone, Viral Reference Lab and Repository Core

Case Studies

ThawSTAR® Cell Thawing System Case Studies

DiscoverX Cell Services Facility Adopts ThawSTAR® Automated Cell Thawing System into their BioAssay and Cell Profiling Workflow

“Both of my teams solely use the ThawSTAR® system as their go to thawing device for thawing cells. It is second to none when it comes to efficiency, consistency and sterility. If we have high quality, robust cells, they tend to recover better, propagate better and, overall, perform better in assay. I look forward to using our ThawSTAR® system for many years to come.”

Katherine Quinlan, Cell Services Manager at DiscoverX 

 Download ThawSTAR Case Study: DiscoverX Cell Services

CPMC’s Liver Disease and Transplantation Program Adopts ThawSTAR® Automated Cell Thawing System for Use in Biorepository Sample Quality Control and Cellular Immunology

“Often investigators ask how the cells are prepared and thawed. By including the ThawSTAR® method in our SOPs, we inform them of the best way to handle the cells to ensure maximal recovery.”

Ann Erickson, Senior Research Associate at the CPMC Liver Immunology Laboratory

 Download ThawSTAR Case Study: California Pacific Medical Center

Celavie Biosciences Adopts Automated Cell Thawing System for their Neural Stem Cell Therapy Program

“The ThawSTAR® system was small, easy to use, and totally automated. It exceeded my expectations. I was happy with how reliable the results were, and how it eliminated the risk of contamination.”

Jessica Ochoa, Research Associate at Celavie Biosciences

Download ThawSTAR Case Study: Celavie Biosciences