Cell Therapy Post-production Technologies: A Select Review of Key Innovations in the Field

Maria L Thompson, Brian Schryver and Rolf O Ehrhardt

The cell therapy industry continues to gain momentum as an increasing number of treatments move forward from clinical trials to commercialization.


SIG Automation Rapporteur Report

Samuel Kent

Modeling data generation and the management needs and opportunities at every step of the vein-to-vein autologus product manufacturing and delivery cycle.

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Standardized Cryopreservation of Stem Cells

Maria L. Thompson, Eric J. Kunkel, and Rolf O. Ehrhardt

Successful commercial and clinical application of stem cells requires robust and practical cryopreservation protocols. Stem cells, particularly human embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells, are notoriously sensitive to cryopreservation, requiring specialized protocols to maintain optimal cell viability.

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Poster: Process Automation Helps Standardize and De-risk Thawing of Cellular Therapy Products

Brian Schryver, Lily Thompson, Maria Thompson and Rolf O. Ehrhardt

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White Paper: ThawSTAR® Automated Cell Thawing System

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White Paper: Ultra-Low Temperature Handling and Transport

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Keeping Cool Outside of the Lab

Erica Tennenhouse, PhD, LabManager

Among the top 6 globally administered vaccines, up to 36% of their effective shelf-life is lost due to poor cold chain management. No physician wants to be in the position of administering a vaccine that may have been compromised by exposure to the wrong temperature.

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World Adopt Summit: Interview with MedCision CEO, Rolf Ehrhardt

Rolf Ehrhardt, MD, PhD

Standardization and automation are going to be key in order for these therapies to move into a global market and ensure that patient demand can be met. Too often we see pharmaceutical developers put an enormous effort into ensuring efficacy and safety of their product.

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Overcoming the Key Challenges in Delivering Cell and Gene Therapies to Patients: A View from the Front Line

Dr. Isabelle Riviere, Cell and Gene Therapy Insights

“[The] thawing step introduces additional variability between sites and this is an important issue that needs to be addressed.”

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Cell Therapy: Bridging the Gap from Production to Patients

Eric J. Kunkel, PhD, Cell and Gene Therapy Insights

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