BioT Temperature Stability Systems

Enable safe, comfortable handling and transporting of critical temperature-sensitive biomaterials

BioT products can be used for various temperature management applications including:

  • Cherry-picking, sorting or other short term handling of critical samples outside a -80°C freezer
  • Controlled-temperature transfer or cryogenic transport of cold or frozen samples between laboratories or collection and processing sites
  • Transfer of temperature-sensitive samples to clinical sites
  • Freezing and temperature management of patient samples at collection site
  • Receiving or preparing frozen samples for shipment

BioT™ Temperature Stability Systems provide better temperature management than traditional methods:

BioT LN2 Transporter

-180˚C to -150˚C, 1.5 hours (lid open) 2.5 hours (lid closed)

BioT ULT Transporter < -70°C to -50°C, 8 hours (lid open), 24 hours (lid closed)
BioT ULT Mobile Workstation < -70°C to -50°C, 15 hours (lid open),  20 hours (lid closed)
BioT ULT1.9 Mini Freezer Programmable temperature range: -82°C to -45°C, ±5°C


BioT Temperature Stability Systems

Styrofoam Box and Dry Ice: 0.6 Inches Below -50°C

A dry ice-filled Styrofoam box is currently the standard method used for receiving, transport and handling of valuable frozen samples. However, only a 0.6 inch (1.5 cm) high zone above the dry ice stays below -50°C for 2 hours. Worse, at 2 inches (5.0 cm) above the dry ice – the top of a standard 2-inch cryostorage box- the temperature is above -20°C.

BioT ULT Transporter: 8.0 Inches Below -50°C

BioT™ ULT Transporter provides a stable ultra-low temperature (< -70°C to -50°C) work zone 8.0 inches (20.3 cm) deep. Up to 8 standard 2-inch cryostorage boxes will remain safely below -50°C for over 8 hours with the lid open and over 24 hours with the lid closed with one charge of dry ice.

BioT ULT Workstation: 10.0 Inches Below -50°C

BioT™ ULT Workstation equilibrates to <-50°C in less than 30 minutes and entire chamber maintains temperature stability for over 15 hours. Temperature measured at 0 inches (blue), 4 inches (red), 7 inches (green), 10 inches (lavender).

How it Works

BioT ULT Transporter
For your temperature sensitive samples

Comprised of three parts: magnetized lid, DIR dry ice retainer and base chamber. To begin, insert the DIR retainer, flanges down, into the base chamber. Add 13 lbs (5.8 kgs) of pelletized dry ice into the cavity between the DIR retainer and the base chamber walls, filling to the top of the DIR retainer. The internal chamber will reach <-70˚C to -50˚C within approximately 10 minutes and will be ready for use.

BioT LN2 Transporter
For your ultra-low temperature requirements

Comprised of five parts: magnetized lid, thermo-conductive basket, thermo-conductive shelf plate, absorbent/baffle pad and base chamber. To begin simply insert the thermo-conductive basket into empty base chamber, followed by the absorbent/baffle pad. Place the thermo-conductive shelf plate into the basket on top of the absorbent/baffle pad. With the addition of LN2, (~ 2.7L) the internal chamber will reach <-150˚C within approximately 10 minutes.


BioT ULT Workstation
Guarantee temperature stability during sample freezing and handling

Comprised of magnetized lid, DIR™ insert, base chamber and mobile cart. The patent-pending DIR cooling insert technology inside the workstation harnesses cold convection for efficient, stable, and hours-long dry ice-based temperature management. Pelletized dry ice is added to the cavity between the 3-sided DIR insert and base chamber walls filling to the top of the retainer (approx. 90 lbs, 41 kg). The ventilated thermo-conductive insert ensures uniform and consistent gas circulation to keep the entire base chamber at ultra-low temperature. This configuration also minimizes consumption of dry ice as one charge maintains lower than -50°C temperature for over 15 hours with the lid open.