Announcing the First Automated Cell Thawing System

Thawstar_CoolCell_cell thawing

MedCision’s new ThawSTAR® Automated Cell Thawing System, the latest in a complementary line of products aimed at optimizing and standardizing the cryopreservation workflow.

San Rafael, Calif., November 12, 2014 – MedCision, LLC, a leader in advanced products to improve biospecimen handling and standardization, today announced the availability of ThawSTAR® automated cell thawing system, a breakthrough technology that addresses the “last mile” in the cryopreservation process. Utilizing the patent-pending STAR™ sensing technology, ThawSTAR system tailors the thaw cycle to the specific characteristics of each frozen sample.

Consistent with MedCision’s objective to standardize important workflows, the ThawSTAR® cell thawing platform represents another industry first and sets a new standard for how cells and cell-based therapies are thawed.  The ThawSTAR technology integrates multiple detection algorithms to ensure uniform thermal profiles and reproducible recovery of the frozen contents, eliminating the subjectivity found in conventional thaw methods that rely on human interpretation, such as swirling frozen vials in water baths, rolling vials between hands and other crude methods. Each of these outdated methods carries a high level of risk for temperature variation and sample contamination, important considerations in the preparation of cells, including cell therapy drugs.

“Today, many researchers and clinicians rely on improvised methods such as manually immersing vials in a water bath and visually monitoring ice crystals to determine if the vial contents are properly thawed,” said Dr. Rolf Ehrhardt, MedCision CEO. “These methods are subjective and unstandardized, potentially jeopardizing the integrity and safety of the sample. Our new ThawSTAR thawing system is the first to eliminate the guesswork, offering an unprecedented level of control and standardization to this critical step in the cryopreservation process.”

Like other MedCision products, ThawSTAR cell thawing system is an intuitive, error-free method for achieving reproducible cell thawing and recovery results. Read more about our new automated cell thawing system here.


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