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ThawSTAR Systems
ThawSTAR wins gold for excellence in design
ThawSTAR wins gold for excellence in design at the IBO Industrial Design Awards Read more

MedCision automates point-of-care thawing

Advanced algorithms are customizable for each specific cell therapy product.

ThawSTAR Systems

How it Works: ThawSTAR® Cell Thawing Instrument

ThawSTAR® Cell Thawing Instrument utilizes patent-pending STAR™ sensing technology to customize the thaw for each vial – whether obtained from liquid nitrogen or -80°C storage.

ThawSTAR® Performance Data


Ex-Vivo B Cells: Cell thawing with ThawSTAR vs. water bath

Post-thaw viability and consistency were evaluated using a total of 6 vials (2 each from 3 donors) containing ex vivo stimulated B cells, were frozen in a -80°C freezer using a CoolCell® cell freezing container and then stored in liquid nitrogen for two weeks. One vial from each donor was removed from LN2, placed into a ThawSTAR® CFT2 Transporter and thawed in a ThawSTAR CFT2 Instrument. The other vial from each donor was removed from LN2 and hand-carried to a water bath. The vials transported and thawed in the ThawSTAR transport and thawing system performed better in terms of cell viability and recovery.

— Data generated by UCSF Diabetes Center and Transplant Surgery


Thawing Method Impacts Leukocyte Subset Frequency

When thawing with the ThawSTAR system, monocyte subset frequencies were modestly higher than for PBMCs thawed using the water bath method (p < 0.01). Percentages also were more aligned with those of freshly isolated cells.


PBMC Cell Recovery and Consistency

Mean recovery is compared for paired PBMCs isolated immediately after phlebotomy using traditional Ficoll and SepMate methods (left) (n = 6). Mean recovery post cryopreservation is compared for paired PBMCs isolated immediately after phlebotomy for cells thawed in a water bath and using the ThawSTAR CFT2 Instrument (right) (n = 3).

— Data generated by Blood Systems Research Institute


ThawSTAR® AT6 Thaw Time Reproducibility

ThawSTAR® AT6 thaw time reproducibility using an optimized algorithm, thaw times are highly reproducible from unit to unit for each fill volume tested and from liquid nitrogen or dry ice temperatures. Thaw times for 17 pre-production AT6 units. 6 ml vials were filled with 2-6 ml of cryopreservation solution, and each volume was thawed in 17 units over 1 week of testing. Thaw times were about 50 s longer when starting from liquid nitrogen temperatures.

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